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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The NFC chip will be available to developers on iOS 11

Wireless technologies have recently become one of Cupertino's main objectives . A clear example is the continuous registration of wireless patents that have been presenting those of the apple in recent months. That is why, wireless charging has now become one of the priority objectives in the development of the firm. Still, there are more wireless technologies with which Apple would be willing to evolve. Which are?

Developers will already be able to use the NFC chip in their projects

The NFC chip has been one of the latest technologies put in place by much of the technology sector. For those who do not know it is a technology with which data is exchanged at a distance of less than 20 cm . In this way, one of the biggest profits today is to make payments through our iPhone device.
Until now, Apple had complete control of this technology, so it only had outstanding functionality, that of making payments through the Apple Pay service . Luckily, the company would open this technology to the developers allowing to extend the functionalities of this wireless technology.
From the iPhone 6 all the mobile devices of the Californian company incorporate the NFC chip. However, the Apple Watch also has this incredible wireless technology.
Beta for iOS 11 developers
This new news will allow us to inaugurate a new world of possibilities through the NFC chip, since third-party applications could incorporate this utility in their applications allowing in this way to increase and improve usability. We do not know that other utilities could be incorporated into this chip, although I'm more than sure that many developers have great ideas to implement with this technology .
So it is more than likely that in a few months we will see the first effects of the arrival of iOS 11 to our Apple devices.

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