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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The renewed MacBook Pro 2017 would be 20% faster than the model released in late 2016

After upgrading their MacBook Pro models with the 7th generation Kaby Lake processors, the benchmarks show that they are 20% faster than the previous version.

Faster MacBook Pro thanks to the new processor

As you know, Apple introduced a renewal of its MacBook Pro 2016, which has been incorporated into the new Intel processor, the Kaby Lake seventh generation and the data after the benchmark have been very pleasantly surprised, as they are faster than We just launched at the end of last year.
If you want to know data, I will tell you that in the case of the 15-inch model, with Core i7 processor of 2.9 GHz gives a score of 4632 with a single core and with Multi cores 15747. Obviously not only has a test been done, But in several. Compared with the model released at the end of the year with the same processor but at 2.7GHz it is sixth generation, the score with a core is 4098 and in the case of Multi core 13155. As you can see, the difference is considerable.

These are the results

Geekbench Macbook Pro
Geekbench taken from macrumors
As you can see in this table from the site MacRumors , you can see that the MacBook Pro 2017 is roughly 13% faster in performance of a nucleus, and in the case of multicore is near 20% improvement Compared to the 2016 model. The best of the case is that, despite this improvement, the price has not changed with respect to the model of the end of last year.
These performance tests have not yet been done in the top model, which has a Core i7 processor of 3.1GHZ, but we do not doubt that the result will be just as good.
Apple already demonstrated with the iPad to dry that can give very good products at affordable prices, since in that case it is the cheapest iPad, compared to the Air 2 in terms of performance. In the case of the MacBook Pro 2017, gives us very good machines, improved over the model immediately above, but at the same price. A pity for all those users who have acquired this model of laptop recently, since they could now have the same machine but with a better processor. In this case Apple should have a kind of insurance , so to speak, since it has been very little time since the MacBook Pro 2016 came out, and it has to be annoying to recent buyers.

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