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Friday, June 16, 2017

The rumored resolution of the iPhone 8 can be seen on this website

If we remember and travel to February of this year, we will remember the expectations that the analyst of KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo , had regarding the size as the resolution with which would come the new iPhone 8, terminal that would give up the Home button or Touch ID to give way to a frontal absolutely carried out by the screen , that would change of technology happening of the LCD to the OLED.
Today we bring you from MacRumors what may be the definitive rumor that marks the screen dimensions of the new iPhone.
If you are interested in the design of this new iPhone, recently we published a post talking about it. Click here to see it.

New iPhone, new resolution

IPhone screen
New screen size of iPhone 8
According to Ming-Chi Kuo, we would see an iPhone that would have a screen of 5'8 inches diagonal and a resolution of 1242 x 2800 pixels but that, not all the size would serve the same purpose; That is to say, according to the acclaimed analyst, the iPhone would have a useful screen of 5'15 inches with a resolution of 1125 × 2436 pixels , and the rest would be dedicated to a function bar in the purest style TouchBar of the new MacBook Pro, That would change of appearance according to the use that we are giving at that moment to our terminal.

Duplicate retina and pixel screens

For 7 years now, this is since the launch of the famous iPhone 4, Apple has been implementing duplicate or triplicate pixel pixels on the Retina screens to increase the sharpness of these devices . For example, the screen of the iPhone 7 has a native resolution of 750 × 1134 pixels, but is presented as a device running at half of those numbers, ie 375 × 667.
If we follow the claims of Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 8 would come with triplicate pixels , and if we heed the aforementioned resolution, that is, 1125 × 2436 pixels , we quickly realize that it would have exactly the same width as the iPhone 7 and A height a higher percentage, since this resolution would correspond to a perfect Retina 3X screen at 375 × 812 pixels.

New screen size, a secret to voices

According to the source who provides us with this news, MacRumors, devices with the resolution previously named , which would incorporate the new iPhone, have been sporadically visiting said website . 
Since June 1 , they have been reporting between one and four daily visits to this website using devices with this resolution and running iOS 11, which is not surprising, as the new iPhone would come under the chairmanship of the new operating system Developed by the boys of Cupertino. 
According to MacRumors reports, a considerable percentage of the visits of these devices comes from IP addresses controlled by Apple ; And even, other IP's are located in Cupertino or nearby cities.

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