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Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Siri Speaker would be produced for presentation at the WWDC

The rumored "Siri Speaker" or "Siri Home" may be falling , the Cupertino personal assistant designed to fight at home against other assistants such as Google Home or the Amazon Echo is already in full production. A production that arrives before its debut in the next World Conference of Developers (WWDC 2017) , according to our companions of Bloomberg in the USA.

Siri Speaker in production from now on

From Bloomberg ensure that different sources "familiar with the matter" claim that Apple has already begun production of its speaker for home. However, this product is not expected to be ready to ship just after WWDC ends.
The media say it could be late summer when Apple starts sending this new device to its owners . Still, Apple could present this Siri Speaker at the next WWDC, which will begin next Monday (June 5).
Siri on the Apple TV
Siri on the Apple TV
Despite rumors that Apple could incorporate a touchscreen on this device, comments from Phil Schiller (Apple's chief marketing officer) questioning the usefulness of an artificial intelligence-based speaker without a screen, the next Siri speaker For the home will not have a screen .

How will Apple promote the sales of this home assistant?

While the Siri Speaker will not have a touch screen as such, Apple intends to differentiate its speaker from its competitors (Amazon Echo and Google Home) through deep integration with Apple products and superior sound quality to the competition . For this Apple could include virtual surround technology. This technology would be able to give the wizard a higher volume and sound quality and "play the sound in a sharper way" than Google Home and the Amazon Echo. In addition, Siri Speaker would come with different sensors to measure the acoustics of a room and adjust the audio levels automatically during use.
As with the Amazon Echo, the Apple-produced home assistant will have support from different third-party services and third-party applications , allowing you to perform a wide range of tasks. To top it off, it will also serve as a single hub for HomeKit (better than the current Apple TV).
Siri Speaker, a device in the purest style of Google Home and Amazon Echo.
Google Home and Amazon Echo, Future Siri Speaker Competition. Will Apple differentiate itself?
Apple seeks two main purposes through the launch of Siri Speaker, the first is to provide a center for automation for all compatible accessories through the Apple HomeKit system. In addition, Cupertino seek to establish a bulwark inside the house to block customers more closely in Apple's service network. Rumors indicate that Inventec, the company that manufactures Apple's AirPods, is manufacturing the wizard for our homes .
Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst at KGI Securities said a few weeks ago that there was more than a 50 percent chance that the new Siri Speaker would see the light in the next WWDC . Along with Siri's smart speaker, Apple can also introduce new iPad models with a screen size of 10.5 and 12.9 inches and some hardware upgrades on their existing Mac models .

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