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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

These are the 10 functions for which you will use the QR reader in iOS 11

During the WWDC 2017 of a few days ago we knew that iOS 11 would implement a QR code reader integrated in his camera , something that many of us caught us by surprise because it is a technology that already has a few years in the market and a Rather small success . However, with the arrival to iPhone and iPad QR codes can suffer a rebound of popularity, especially when you know everything you can do with them.
And is that although it sounds strange, to stop using a third-party app that integrates presents many advantages when you discover all the possible interactions on your iPhone that we are going to show you .


QR in iOS 11
When configuring HomeKit-compatible accessories, they will come with an extremely small QR code - up to 10 mm x 10 mm - that will allow for their immediate configuration , avoiding the tedious process of entering an alphanumeric code by hand into our device.


QR in iOS 11
This is probably one of the most obvious functions. When we scan a contact through a QR code, we will have the option to save your data directly in our contact list .


QR in iOS 11
The QR codes also serve to incorporate new events to our calendar . So imagine that you need to add a schedule or they give you a booklet where you can see information about when an event will take place. Now you can quickly add it with an immediate scan.


QR in iOS 11But also, you can use them to send emails with predefined addresses and messages . Something fantastic for businesses that for example want to spread promotions to a specific email addresses.


MapsSupport for QR-code maps is a great business function . Instead of having to search where a store is located, we will only have to scan its address with a QR code and it will appear on our map of the native Maps app.


QR in iOS 11With iOS 11 we can also send SMS after scanning a QR code , for example if we want to subscribe to a promotion.

Connect to the Internet

QR in iOS 11This is undoubtedly the fastest and most useful feature we can use right now . If you are tired of looking behind your router for the password and copying it with the enormous difficulty that entails, now you only need to pass the camera over and you are already connected iPhone. Also, remember that you can share it among your contacts.


PhoneWith scanned QR codes we can also make a call instead of having to enter the phone number .


QR in iOS 11When we scan a QR code that integrates a URL , our iPhone will take us via safari to the particular website.


TweetbotThis is another feature especially useful for third-party apps because they allow us to customize features . Imagine that we created a QR with callback-URL that for example allows us to scan a specific app, or search for a Twitter user, or send a series of tweets ...

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