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Thursday, June 8, 2017

These are all customizable functions of the iOS 11 Control Center

During the World Conference of Developers Apple was presented the software of the latest version of the mobile operating system of iPhone and iPad: iOS 11 .
The truth is that, more or less, iOS 11 has implemented the vast majority of the functions we requested: more applications in the Dock, improvements in Multitasking and ... customization in the Control Center!
IPad iOS 11
That's right, now with iOS 11 iPhone and iPad users will have the fabulous ability to customize the Control Center's quick action buttons .

What features can be customized in the Control Center?

The team of iPadizate editors has set to work and we have already been testing the beta version of iOS 11 to offer our readers all the latest developments in greater detail .
In this case share with you the screenshots of the new features of Control Center and a list of all functions that can be customized.
List of Control Center Features:
  • Lantern
  • Calculator
  • Timer
  • Chronometer
  • Alarm
  • Camera
  • Magnifying glass
  • Do Not Disturb mode when driving
  • Low power mode
  • Mobile data
  • Notes
  • Voice notes
  • Screen recording
  • Accessibility
  • Apple TV Remote Control
  • Text size
  • Wallet
  • Guided Access
Best of all, from the Settings app you will not only have the possibility to add and change all the functions you want to include in the Control Center of iOS 11, but also you can organize them to your liking.
And the worst? Well, Apple has had a small bug, in my opinion quite unforgivable. You've implemented great design and button customization changes in the iOS Control Center 11, yes, but have forgotten to add the location!
Maybe in future beta versions the function will be added, but for now we will be able to activate (and deactivate) from the Control Center the mobile data, the low power mode, the control for Apple TV and the rest of functions.

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