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Monday, June 19, 2017

These are the Android features that I would like to see on iOS

In a matter of days we were familiar with Apple's new operating system for mobile devices, iOS 11, with great new features presented especially for the iPad, as we have recently published in NewCydiaTweaks . Even with these new features and what we already knew about iOS 10, there are still functions of its rival, Android, which we would like to include Apple in their devices.
We show you some of the ones we've compiled the group of NewCydiaTweaks editors in collaboration with our fellow NewCydiaTweaks.

IOS split screen

The new iPad models already included this functionality but iPhone still seems to forget about it. Some Android models already have this for their terminals and it is really useful when you have to work at the same time with a browser and a word processor , among many more examples.
Imagine an iPhone, taking into account the dimensions we have today, with the possibility of dividing the screen into two , allowing us to work at the same time in both. It would be a breakthrough for increased productivity in them.
Multitasking on iPad with iOS 11
Multitasking on iPad with iOS 11. Source: Apple

Multi-user and guest mode

Several weeks ago videos were filtered that showed the possibility of multi-user on the iPad but the truth is that, at least in what was presented in the recent WWDC , this is still not possible.
Android, in its current terminals, has the option of being able to create a new user next to its corresponding password, in order to have independent applications on both devices, and even a guest mode, which only allows to use the applications The system.
Although we hard to recognize it to the users of Apple, Android has been more astute to incorporate these two modalities that in many occasions we could grant a wide range of possibilities.

Close all tabs

If you have been an Android user you will have noticed that when you have many windows open, if you enter the multitasking you will see a button where with a single "touch" you can close all applications at once.
This function in iOS is poorer, that is, until what we know of iOS 11 continues to maintain the multitasking we had. This means that to close all the applications that we have open we must go one by one to complete them all, something very simple but that could be faster and comfortable adding that button that incorporates Android.

External memory

It is becoming more frequent to see how Apple is betting on the models of more capacity, eliminating from its market those devices with capacity of 8GB, 16GB, and even some 32GB. It is true that depending on your use with the iPhone or iPad, memory will be more or less determinant, in addition to the wide variety of clouds that are available to save space.
Even so, in some cases, external memory support, such as Micro SD would provide more alternative capacity to our Apple devices. Android always leaves open this possibility, regardless of the internal capacity that your product has.


With iOS 10, Apple incorporated Widget own some applications, but the reality is that from the point of view of the writing team Apple5x1, have not been as productive as we would wish, as we do not have the naked eye, for example.
A change in their position and size could be a great alternative to them, allowing us to place them on our main screen, along with our favorite apps.


For tastes, colors. Personalization is an aspect that certain iOS users miss when they leave behind their Android terminal. If we remember, Android phones had the option to change the font of our interface .
Including this option would satisfy a certain number of users who ask for this kind of customization.


As we see, they are small additions that some Apple users miss and will not be a radical change in our iOS devices. Do you have a feature you miss about Android?

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