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Thursday, June 15, 2017

These are the best apps and games of 2017

Hundreds of thousands of applications are released on the iOS App Store every year. But only a few are selected as the best in the Apple Design Awards .
As usual during WWDC, Apple has named a selection of the best applications and the best games .
Best apps 2017
This year there have not been any major new developments in the iOS game landscape , except Monument Valley 2 , but some have a fascinating design . They are accompanied by productivity, mail, photography and kitchen applications.
Best apps 2017
Some of these games and applications may not attract your attention too much. But we strongly encourage you to give them a try and download them on your iPhone, iPad and / or iPod touch. You will not regret!

Winning Apps for the 2017 Apple Design Awards

Kitchen Stories

One of the best apps of kitchen recipes of the App Store, for many years. At last they have obtained the recognition they deserve.


A free game that uses the tools of your iPhone to play. It is an example of how creativity can define the gaming experience on the mobile platform.


Lake is a coloring book on iPhone and iPad. New content is added every day.


A useful application that allows users to convert currency, specially designed for travelers.


A free app to take notes, point thoughts, codes and even sketches.

Things 3

Things 3 is one of the most popular productivity applications on the App Store. Create task lists, organize your time, add events and more.


Without a doubt, Airmail is one of the best email management applications.


Another well-known photo editing application. Filters, layers, styles, texts, effects, masks, tools ... have it all.

Old Man's Journey

Old Man's Journey is an adventure and puzzles game in which you will have to explore wonderful worlds and hidden paths. It has an absolutely spectacular design section.

Splitter Critters

A fun game in which your objective will be to guide and help some creatures to return to their spaceship in each of its levels.

Mushroom 11

A very creative game in which you will have to change form and use your wits to explore a mysterious and challenging world.


Severed is a game that combines the type of combat of Infinity Blade with an adventure style with a fantastic history.

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