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Sunday, June 25, 2017

These are the best apps to learn English on the iPhone

If you are thinking of learning English, or reinforcing it, but you do not have enough time or means to go to an academy, do not worry because in NewCydiaTweaks we bring you a compilation with the best applications you will find in the App Store to learn English without Need to go anywhere ... From your iPhone!

What are you waiting for to learn English with these apps?

If you want to learn English from the basics to the most advanced concepts , these applications will be great and you can practice with thousands of exercises in the form of games that will be very entertaining.
Here we present the compilation with the best apps that you can download on your iPhone and you will learn English wherever and whenever you want:
-Duolingo:  It is one of the most downloaded applications. In addition to being free, it is posed in a very attractive way for the user as it arises in game form in such a way that you will lose lives with each wrong answer and you will have to be hitting to level up. Download it here .
-Babbel:  This app was awarded in 2014 by Apple as one of the best applications of that year. With it you will be able to perfect your vocabulary and pronunciation due to its spectacular voice recognition. Download it here .
Apps to learn English
With these apps you can learn British or American English
-Wibbu English:  A base of educational games you can go forward with this application that has been based on the common mistakes of Spanish speakers and the differences between English and Spanish. Download it here.
-Voxy: This app offers personalized lessons based on your level of English and the goals you want to achieve. It also offers tutorials with native tutors. However the free content of this app is limited but you could combine it with any other app that we show you in this post. Download it here .
-Wilingua:  With it you can start from the most basic level, the A1, until you reach B2. It contains more than 600 lessons with thousands of exercises to practice and improve your English. You can also choose between British or American English. Download it here .
-Bussu: This fantastic application has a community of native speakers  to practice English, including 150 topics and thousands of words. With lessons in vocabulary, grammar and audios you can get tested before the online exams. Download it here .
-iTranslate:  It is not an application to learn English as such, but it is one of the best translators that currently exist in the App Store and could get you out of a hurry on more than one occasion. Download it here .
-WordReference:  Like the previous one, it is a translator. But this is probably the most complete and also referenced in other operating systems. Honoring his name we could say that it is a reference in terms of words. Download it here .
If you have decided on one of these apps, it is possible that depending on what you can access only some content because the rest is a premium version, but we guarantee that these apps are worth it.
And you, what applications would you recommend to learn English? Leave us in the comments.

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