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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

These are the best apps to live the World Pride Madrid 2017 on your iPhone

Since last weekend and until this Sunday, Madrid is the world center of diversity and inclusion, we speak of the World Pride Madrid 2017 , an explosion of light, color, celebration and vindication. And do not forget that behind those thongs, costumes and floats there is a story: the one led by trans people in the New York neighborhood of Stonewall against police brutality, claiming the fundamental rights of the collective LGBT + raised to heels and full of glitter. What a better homage to that hard moment than to emulate and claim from joy!
So if you plan to move to the Spanish capital this weekend, we will provide the best apps so you can enjoy the World Pride Madrid 2017 from your iPhone and do not miss anything, from the proclamation with personalities like Cayetana Guillén- Cuervo, Alejandro Amenábar, Pepón Nieto to very European concerts like Loreen, Conchita Wurst, OBK, Ruth Lorenzo, Ana Torroja, Rosa, Soraya, Kate Ryan, Marta Sánchez, The Weather Girls, Whigfield ... and many, many more!

Live the World Pride Madrid 2017 with the best for your iPhone

Live Chueca WorldPride Madrid

Apps WorldPrideMadrid2017
Chueca, the gay district par excellence of Madrid, gives name to the official LGBT + Pride app this year and thanks to it you will be informed of all the news, offers, discounts, shops, restaurants, bars, parties, saunas, cruising ... and Of course everything on the Madrid World Pride 2017. In addition, you will carry the official program in your pocket with outdoor concerts, different stages, parties, art, culture and sport all around Chueca neighborhood, in the heart of the capital Spanish.

Metro of Madrid

If you go to Madrid, what better than to move by metro . But not to lose, it is always useful to have the map at hand with all the information you need: map of the network, tourist map with the main points of the city, detail of lines, stations and correspondences, routes thanks to GPS and everything Relative to their prices.

Guide of Madrid - Guide Point

Apps WorldPrideMadrid2017
Although these days Madrid is boiling by the World Pride Madrid 2017, it is a city full of cultural, gastronomic and sports leisure alternatives . So if you want to get out of the bustle and get to know new places, download this app and try out restaurants, bars, fashion shops, bookstores, cocktail bars, cafes, museums, galleries, theaters, dance, cultural centers, almost invisible corners, cinemas ... Unique places, different, with personality, with something special.
And is that this guide is characterized by selecting authentic places, whether for its history, character, aesthetics, service, personality or environment . In addition, classic and contemporary, the elitist and the most popular are mixed.


Me too happens: not the advertisements of Loquillo convince me to become adept at the Mahou, but as the saying goes, "wherever you do what you see," so we will drink the beer of the city and also download your app To be aware of its leisure , with concerts, exhibitions and cultural events that are held in the city.
The app is very useful because in addition to having geolocation, you can search for schedules and zones and then share it with your friends. And if something has fallen in love, create a list of favorites to repeat and recommend it.

Wave Let's Meet App

Ojito because this app is going to become a must for your trips with friends, acquaintances or family to any part of the world . Surely it has happened to you, you neglect a moment and you lose! Well those times have gone to a better life, because with this app you can find your friends anywhere, at night, in the city, festivals, big events ...
How does Wave work? The app is 100% private, so only the people you want to see where you are, also works around the world, allowing people to be placed on private maps, in real time and for a limited time, and of course, A chat so you can communicate with your friends.
Just invite your friends and start a map in real time so you're all in control. Stop wasting time looking for them and staying in specific places, download Wave and focus on enjoying the party .

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