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Thursday, June 8, 2017

These are the new features of iOS 11 exclusive to the iPad

When Apple released the new operating system iOS 11 paid special attention in the new 10.5 "iPad, since that is where more performance we can take out this new version. Most functions are common in both iPad and iPhone, but there are others that we can only enjoy if we have a compatible iPad.
Before entering the exclusive iOS 11 news for this device, we remember which models are compatible for this new version, as explained in the post recently published.
IPad models compatible with iOS 11
IPad models compatible with iOS 11. Source: Apple
The oldest model that will receive this update will be the iPad Mini 2. All the latest models will be compatible, including those that are not Pro version.

IOS 11 on the iPad

Apple defines the addition of iOS 11 to the iPad as " another galaxy ", making it a more powerful and versatile device than we have ever seen before. The most advanced operating system in the world.
Some of the novelties presented by iOS 11 are unique and exclusive to this device, as we will see below:

Archives App

Apple incorporates a new native application with which we can manage our files just as we do from a computer. With this app, you'll see internal iPad files, installed application files, as well as files on other iOS devices or iCloud Drive.
New iPad Archives app with iOS 11
New iPad App for iPad with iOS 11. Source: Apple

New Dock

If you are a user of a Mac you will be accustomed to use the Dock placed, generally, in the bottom of the screen where you can place the applications that you decide. With the arrival of iOS 11, this will also be possible on the iPad. You will be able to access the Dock in the application you are in. It also offers customization to your liking, with your favorite apps.
Automatically, the Dock changes as you work , that is, remember the apps you recently opened by placing them on the right side.
New iPad Dock with iOS 11
New iPad Dock with iOS 11. Source: Apple.


More intuitive and simple multitasking functions thanks to Slide Over and Split View . It will allow you to open a second screen by sliding directly from the Dock, keeping both screens active. You can also move images or text from one screen to another simply by sliding it.
Thanks to the large Multi-Touch screen everything is easier, passing text, photos or files between screens is just a matter of drag and drop.
Multitasking on iPad with iOS 11
Multitasking on iPad with iOS 11. Source: Apple

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil, the accessory of excellence of the device in question brings a great improvement in its operation.
Just touch the screen with the Apple Pencil can annotate in a PDF or a capture . You will no longer need to use any particular app, no matter where you are you can make annotations instantly.
On some occasions it has happened to us that ideas come to our head and we want to capture them in our notes quickly. With the iPad locked, with a simple touch on the screen with the Apple Pencil you can record everything you need and will be automatically saved in the Notes app.
If we are writing an email from Mail and we want to make a drawing, the text will automatically move leaving room to be able to draw without problems .
From the native Notes app we can make use of its new scanner function , allowing us to later write on the scanned document or even sign it with the Apple Pencil.
New features with Apple Pencil on iPad with iOS 11
New Features with Apple Pencil on iOS 11. Source: Apple

QuickType Keyboard

We say goodbye to having to change the keyboard to look for number or symbols. The new iOS 11 keyboard on iPad includes letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks . By simply sliding down a key we can select the characters we need.
New QuickType keyboard for iPad with iOS 11
New QuickType keyboard for iPad with iOS 11. Source: Apple


As Apple says, thanks to all these new features will make the iPad reach much higher levels of efficiency, making it easier to interact with applications and, above all, between them.

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