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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

These are the steps that Vodafone will start charging

A few days ago we commented that the end of roaming had arrived for the citizens of the European Union but sooner or later the big operators would charge . And yes, because among other things Vodafone has proposed to update the efforts it makes for free and which charges , so that on one hand encourages the use of the area of ​​your website or the Mi Vodafone app and on the other you get a few sties , it makes them missing.
And if in February the main telecom companies decided to update their rates suspiciously almost at the same time - something that anyone with notions of economy would put a very ugly name -, now Vodafone will start charging for many paperwork that until now carried out for free By telephone.
Paid Vodafone arrangements

 What steps will Vodafone charge if you call?

So take note, because as of June 21 the following steps will cost 2.50 euros if we make by telephone :
  • Consumption information, both voice and data.
  • Restriction of calls in the mobile, as much for theft or loss or simply to avoid calls to numbers with special tariff.
  • Premium SMS restriction.
  • Answering machine management.
They are added to others that were already paid, such as query PIN / PUK query, sending duplicate invoice, change in customer address or change the bank account number.
Of course, before doing so, operators will warn that there are other ways to do so for free through the web or the app without data consumption. At the moment, Vodafone is the first to disagree on extending the efforts that are no longer free to discourage calls to telemarketers, but it is not surprising that soon others will join.
Although many of us find it easier and more efficient to manage our accounts and telephone contracts via the web or through the app, leaving aside the terrible waiting and disastrous efforts with delocalized operators with little training, the reality is that they will be the most Veterans the most affected by this new measure .

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