Saturday, June 24, 2017

This bill could complicate things very much to Apple in Italy

The people of Cupertino have always been highly criticized for having a very closed ecosystem where the user had little choice. Precisely in this subject, in recent years this persecution has been relaxed to Apple thanks to the opening of its ecosystems.
However the news today comes from Italy, where a bill has been presented where what is defended is that the user is free to decide where to download the software .
At first glance this bill should not affect Californians, but it is the Italians themselves who defend the position that Apple does not allow them to download applications through external services , and always these downloads are made through the store. Apple apps.
No doubt this bill could present a serious problem for Apple if it is accepted, where we could even see how the Cupertino would have to find a way back to the Italian market .
App store ios 11
What we must not forget is that in recent years, Apple has opened its ecosystem to be better exploited by both developers and the applications of the App Store itself, something that has liked a lot among users.
We must also take into account that if Apple does not allow downloading software from other platforms or direct links , it is to avoid any kind of problem due to forgery or piracy with respect to applications.
It is true that even among users you can download applications from other platforms as long as we are users of Jailbreak, although there are already many experts who advise against this type of actions because of its little use today , and because it is dangerous for the user Not knowing what is downloading from other platforms.
What we have more than clear is that Apple must work to give a solution to the problem that has been presented in Italy, and hope that it does not spread across Europe. And you , what do you think of this bill? Does it make sense to encourage Apple to further open its ecosystem?
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