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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This is the first creation of Augmented Reality in Apple's ARkit

One of the most important innovations that Apple announced in the last WWDC 2017 was its new platform to develop RA content (ARKit Augmented Reality). During the Developer Conference, ARkit saw the light through some tests of some developers of the enormous power of this tool created by Apple. Today we know more than we could see soon thanks to this platform.

ARkit is the future of iOS devices and their developers

Remember that thanks to ARkit, our iPhone and iPad running iOS 11 will be able to superimpose graphics generated through the powerful Macs presented at the WWDC. This will allow developers to take their applications beyond the screen and the environment in which each user is.
Apple ARkit for developers
Apple ARkit for users from iOS 11
Thanks to cameras built into such devices, processors and motion sensors, virtual content appears at the top of real-world scenes, and users do not need any special equipment to enjoy them because ARKit does the heavy lifting inside the Own system.

First conclusions after using this Augmented Reality tool

A developer who was able to test this new Apple ensures that existing RA solutions like Hololens and Google Tango do not reach the level of simplicity and elegance that the ARKit framework offers.
Apple ARkit for developers
Apple and its ARKit Augmented Reality technology
"The most impressive aspect of ARkit is that it tends to work simply but elegantly," said Cody Brown, founder of the IRL virtual reality production studio, in an interview on Motherboard . "Other RA software often requires some kind of physical mechanism (like a QR code), which inevitably becomes a big piece of friction if the user is trying to get someone to use such technologies."
"Another amazing aspect of ARkit is how it handles real-time lighting adjustments," Brown continued. "Just thinking about math, development, and the magic behind this technology to make it work is really incredible."
Recall that in the past WWDC, Apple already demonstrated some of the potential of this technology with several demos such as Wingnut Studios, an experience that impressed many of the participants by how you could recreate a battle of Augmented Reality with our IPad.

Today we get to know the first demonstrations of ARkit that have appeared through different web pages, some even come to recreate a possible "iPhone 8" Star Wars character, zombies chasing dogs, naval battles on the office floor, etc.
Apple has invested a lot in augmented reality in recent years, making several acquisitions of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, proof of which is the purchase of companies such as PrimeSense, FaceShift and Metaio. Some rumors point out that the upcoming Apple iPhone may come with different 3D detection capabilities and augmented reality as a possible use.
ARkit will be built into all iOS 11 compatible devices, a release that is expected to arrive in the coming months (September).

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