Monday, June 5, 2017

This is how Apple gifts for WWDC guests

Just a few hours of WWDC 2017 , Apple has already presented us with some surprises in the App Store, however, and waiting for Apple executives to introduce us all the latest hardware and software, we can show you the gifts of Apple in the WWDC 2017 .

Apple Gifts for WWDC 2017 Guests

The Apple Worldwide Annual Developers Conference begins in a few hours but since yesterday, the guests have been able to collect Apple gifts for this Developer Conference. Without a doubt, the most eye-catching of Apple gifts are the Levi's brand jean jackets with the letters of the WWDC custom embroidered .
Levi's Jacket for WWDC 2017 Guests
Levi's Jacket for WWDC 2017 Guests
In addition, within the gifts of Apple for this conference, we can find other news as a selection of pins in the form of stickers iOS 10 for iMessage and a small kit for developers for the Apple TV .

Apple TV Jackets, Pins and Developer Kit

In addition to custom jackets for the special occasion, Apple has added different types of pins, which include different Apple themed designs, one of the most significant pins is the pin with the already famous icon for Apple's Swift programming language, In addition, we see some pins with a selection of old Apple logos as you can see in the photographs. Developers also received custom pins to indicate their country of origin . A detail from the California company.
Development Kit Gifts Apple WWDC 2017
Development Kit Gifts Apple WWDC 2017
Finally, the attendees who are part of the Skinner program will also receive a small development kit specific to the Apple TV as shown in the pictures .
Apple is expected to show some new hardware in the event today, who knows if it will have something to do with the Apple TV. What we do know is that Apple prepares the official presentation of its operating systems and new functions for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and Apple TV. According to some rumors, the hardware that could present Apple today would be a speaker for the home where the main protagonist would be Siri (Siri Speaker). Some rumors also point to a possible upgrade of the Mac and new models of the iPad Pro.
The WWDC 2017 will begin in just a few hours at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose , starting with Apple's inaugural conference and press event. The Developer Conference will feature more than 5,000 developers and 1,000 Apple engineers during the week.
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