Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This is how the initial automatic configuration works by bringing one iOS device to another

So far, when we changed iPhone or configured a new one, we had to follow the initial steps by entering our Apple account and then copying back a backup to recover all Apps. With iOS 11, this process becomes much simpler because it is now possible to simply put one iOS device near another to get copy its configuration. It could be an iPad or an iPhone - actually, that does not matter. The interesting thing about this process is that you just have to zoom in to get the settings for mail, Wi-Fi network passwords or general iOS settings in an instant. In this MacRumors video we can see how it works; It is very fast ... just close both devices when we have started the process of initializing one of them,
During the process, passwords from the keychain, web pages stored in Safari and other settings are copied from one machine to another, but we do not have to copy all the Apps from one to another ... we are offered the possibility to copy them from ICloud backup or set up the new device as a new machine, which will effectively have all the settings and passwords synced from the old one, but that will not have installed more than the applications that come pre-installed by default with iOS.
One more step to make life easier for everyone we've been using iOS for many years.
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