Sunday, June 18, 2017

This is the note that gives iFixit the new iPad Pro of 10.5 inches

The last WWDC 2017 left us a series of renovations on the part of the people of Cupertino, products that to this day almost all are already available to be acquired in the Apple Store of the world. Once the first units are purchased, these products of the technological world are tested by different means in terms of strength and ease of repair .
Precisely this is what happened when the renewal of the iPad Pro has come and in particular the 10.5-inch model, where the well-known American media iFixit has disassembled it to evaluate how easy or not it is to repair this product .
Ifixit ipad pro 10.5 inches
Specifically, this analysis is based on the model without LTE connectivity of the manzanita people. Usually these types of products, not to say the vast majority of the people of Cupertino, are usually characterized by their difficulty being repaired by someone other than Apple's own people.
This new iPad Pro does not disappoint, and after being opened and gutted has received a rating of 2 out of 10 according to the scale of the medium in question . A note that no doubt proves again, that apple products are still as difficult to repair as their fame precedes them.
What we do make it very clear once iFixit does this type of tests on any terminal, are the components that we can find inside. In this case some of the details to highlight are the 4 GB of RAM, a feature that had leaked just after the product was introduced .
Ifixit ipad pro 10.5 inches
Meanwhile, the medium also mentions how Apple has integrated a kind of plastic blocks in the place where the 4G connectivity antennas of this iPad are placed , although we do not know the reason for these pieces since neither iFixit itself has wanted Enter into matter.
Something that has also attracted a lot of attention is the construction, where Apple has managed to have dimensions very similar to those of the iPad Pro model of 9.7 inches , being a product of 10.5.
No doubt Apple has created another unique product that has left us great surprises once we have opened it and we are waiting to see other Apple products under the same conditions .

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