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Sunday, June 18, 2017

This is to be a good Apple fanboy

We know that the boys from Cupertino have managed to create a great fanaticism for their brand. For many, Apple is little more than a religion. They can not conceive their lives without an iPhone in their hands, without a MacBook waiting for them at home. We have seen this on many occasions, and it is rare that the brand takes a new product and there are no crowds to be the first to buy it . However, the case we have seen these days thanks to phoneArena streaks in the excessive, and is that an Apple Store has been the scene of the photographic report of nothing more and nothing less than a wedding!

They love each other, yes, but they also love Apple

There is no doubt that Jermyn Wee and Chia Suat, the newlyweds, love each other madly. The problem is that he, Jermyn, has a second love in his life , and how could it be otherwise, this is Apple. Apparently, his two great years are not related, but everything changes when your recent wife proposes to make the wedding photos in the only Apple Store in Singapore , where they both reside. How could the situation end?
It was clear, Jermyn agreed. However, and according to information, ** at no time agreed with the store the peculiar visit, which was found shortly before the store opened without having made the wedding photographs. Fortunately, just ten minutes from opening the store, the manager let them in and the result has been a few unique photos and is that who can say that has been with his wedding dress in an Apple Store?
Wedding apple store
What we do not know is if the manager will have had some more detail with the couple. An iPhone 7 Plus would not have been a bad wedding gift, would it?

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