Friday, June 23, 2017

This will look like the iPhone 8 in your hand

Every day we are close to seeing what will be the iPhone 8 and all the newest aesthetic and software that Apple has introduced in it, but while the Californians prepare the presentation and confirm us a date for the last quarter of the year, different users already Have advanced and have created the models and renders of this terminal.
Today the images come from well-known designer Benjamin Geskin , who has shown us these images of how the iPhone 8 would be in the hand , of course remembering that this is only a model made from the various leaks we have known of what will be the Next Apple iPhone people.
Mockup iphone 8 in hand
As we can see in the images of both the user and the well known media OnLeaks, in both cases shows a very real model of which will be the next terminal of Apple .
As we can see in these images stand out the front without frames that say that Apple integrated in his smartphone and double rear camera in a vertical layout . Also striking is how both sources believe that the apple device will mount a glass back, which reminds us a lot of the models of iPhone 4 and its version 4S.
Mockup iphone 8 back
Of course and as we have been talking in recent weeks, it is already assumed that Apple would have them all when it comes to betting on a Touch ID that we do not see because it is supposedly integrated on the screen . Even as an anecdote it is rumored that the Vivo company will pull a terminal with this type reader, so as to be the first to implement it and get some more publicity.
Thanks to these means, we know not only all the details of the future terminals and products of the apple, but now thanks to these models we can see what these products will look like in our hands. Yes it is true that we will have to wait to see these new iPhone not only presented but available to buy them, but each new filtration only show that there is less to see the light .
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