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Monday, June 26, 2017

Tips for improving the life of our batteries

In today's technological world, the battery is one of the most delicate and somewhat complex hardware elements to understand. Recall that last year was a bad year for the batteries, and is that excess heat and lack of cooling are two detrimental aspects for this element so necessary for our devices, since in the worst case can end in a Small explosion of it. Just like the Samsung.

What are load cycles?

First of all we have to take into account the charge cycles . For those who do not know the meaning of the cycles it is the number of charges that you can make in a device before the built-in battery itself deteriorates . The technology that batteries use today is lithium. So the useful half life of this element usually oscillates between 300 and 500 charge cycles .
Battery with medium load level
That is why from these cycles we can experience losses in the performance of our battery that could reach up to a 20 percent loss .
Fortunately, Apple engineers are very aware of this aspect. So the batteries of Apple devices are manufactured to be loaded in an optimal way in order to delay and avoid as much as possible this deterioration of 20 percent.

What precautions should we take as a user?

One of the most important recommendations is to avoid leaving our devices in places with very high temperatures , as high temperatures adversely affect our batteries. It is best that our batteries are between 15 and 23 degrees .
Another very important aspect is to have our device updated to the latest version . Since software optimizations are more than necessary to take better advantage of the loads of our terminals.
On the other hand, special attention must be paid to the covers. Many covers do not dissipate heat properly depending on the design and material used. That is why many of them retain the temperatures. My recommendation is to remove the case when we go to recharge our device .
IPhone low battery
It is important to note that the load cycles discussed above have to be taken into account. That is why the best practice we can perform is to charge our device from the remaining 10 percent of battery . Since if for example we started charging our iPhone when it still has a 50 percent battery, we will have lost a charge cycle having half a load to use.

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