Thursday, June 29, 2017

Today is the tenth anniversary of the sale of the first iPhone

Today is the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone that Apple sold, a few months after its introduction with a series of hard prototypes barely working . Such a day as today, the original iPhone could be bought in stores, in front of which thousands of people queued to get the 8 GB model or the 4 GB, storage capacities that today surprise by how few they look . The original iPhone was not even 3G. His camera, compared even with those that many mobiles had been using for years, also left a lot to be desired. I did not record video ... and I came to a market where Nokia reigned with BlackBerry for many years. Everything seemed against the success of Apple ... but contrary to what many imagined, The iPhone turned out to be a dazzling success. How his interface moved, how easy to use it was and that tactile interaction model, his virtual keyboard ... all that together made it magical . Something never seen before. Changed the mobile phone industry ... and the rest, is a story that we all know, after about 1200 million sold later .
Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone
The iPhone did not have anything easy among so many reviews, but the numbers show that many were wrong. Even today many wonder why so many people buy a smartphone more expensive than the low-end Android, which in theory, do the same . Many Apple haters around the world are still wondering, and they think hundreds of millions around the world are throwing their money. However, the vast majority of iPhone users do not want to switch to Android, and every time a new model goes on sale it is very difficult to get one. Apple currently sells between 16 and 25 million iPhones each month .
Steve Jobs admiring the iPhone
Here we leave you with the video of the presentation of Steve Jobs, just at the moment in which he unveils that wonder that turned out to be the original iPhone.
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