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Monday, June 12, 2017

Top 5 emoji packages, stickers and emoticons for iPhone

The smileys , also called emoticons or  emojis - came to change the way we communicate, and they have succeeded. Either from an iPhone or an Apple Watch. Sending an emoji can serve us to answer quickly or even to give a more cordial tone to a message.
Sometimes we write something and we can imply that we are somewhat mottled or that we did not like, something that would sound totally different . That is why emoji are a great ally to avoid confusion.
Although iOS comes with a built-in emoji keyboard, many users want to add, older, other emoticons to increase their options when it comes to communicating. If you are one of them, read on: Today we bring you a selection of the best emoji packages for your iPhone, iMessages and WhatsApp.

Emoji for Me: compatible with iPhone and iMesagge

Emoji Mi - The best emoji for iPhone and Apple Watch
This application is really interesting; With it, we will not only have hundreds of emojis , but we will also have sticker and we will even be able to change our keyboard to send them much faster.
One of the features is that we can install the keyboard on our iPhone or directly copy the emojis and sticker that we offer. The application is free , but also includes a purchase option to increase the number of emojis on our iPhone or Apple Watch.
Installing the application guides us to install the keyboard quickly and easily. Important to mark the "allow full access" box , this way the integration will be much greater.

Emoji Keyboard for Me - New ...

By Apalon Apps

Emoji>: for iPhone and iMessage

Emoji Mi - The best emoji for> iPhone and Apple Watch
This emoji package is one of the most downloaded in the App Store. One of its peculiarities is that you can add animated emojis and configure them to your liking. It also offers the possibility of having them categorized, so it is much easier to find them.
In addition to offering emoji, Emoji> adds a series of animated stickers on the keyboard . This will give a more informal touch to your messages.


By Emoji +

E.moji Art: stickers and emojis for WhatsApp, iMessage and Apple Watch

Sticker Free for WhatsApp
This package of emoji and stickers for WhatsApp is really interesting. It has option to send and display messages with LED, both words and emojis. It also offers a series of predefined messages with messages created with emojis, such as letters.
It is also valid for iMessage with Apple Watch. It is free and offers a series of integrated purchases.

E.moji Art - Emoticons Extra S ...

By Pradeep Singh

Stickchat: stickers a la mexicana 

Sticker WhatsApp to Mexican
With this sticker package you can have the best Mexican stickers on WhatsApp and Apple Watch . They are much more elaborate stickers, in which they combine phrases with images.
This combination makes sending a WhatsApp or a message by iMesagge quite interesting. You can find it for free in the App Store.

Stickchat - Stickers for What ...

By Lemur Labs SRL
    Social Networking
  •  FREE QR code
    1.9.3 ⋅ 106 MB

Emoji - inTexMoji Pro 😉 - Payment, but very well valued

Here we find a package of emojis with a price higher than 1 euro . This is because of the Apple price hike. However, although it is not free, it is fairly well appreciated by users who download it. In fact, this is the emoji package that received the "Best of 2016" category by the App Store.
In it we will find more than 200 new exclusive emojis. Like some of the other versions presented, we will have them integrated in the keyboard, so it will be much easier to choose which one we want to send. It also incorporates a series of real emojis (not stickers).

Emoji - inTextMoji Pro;)

By Emoji +

Emoji Games for iPhone and iPad

Emoji Games for iPhone and iPad
Here we find a fun emoji game that we also wanted to show you. Surely you will have received some series of emojis to tell us something. Yes, that seemed a hieroglyph ..., that's what this game is about. They offer us a word and we have to decipher it with emoji.
A fun game to pass the time that in the end engages a lot. There is a free version with integrated purchases. With this game you will be the king or queen of messages with emojis.

Emoji Games - Find the Emojis ...

By Emoji +

How to activate emojis on iPhone without installing any applications

It is possible to activate the official emojis that come by default in our iPhone. The process is quite simple and includes quite a number of emojis . If we do not want to rely on third-party applications and we are satisfied with those that include iOS, this is a good option.
In the iOS 10.2 update, Apple added up to a total of 72 new emojis . All of them are influenced by diversity, where many of them are focused on the professions. Each one of the professions has the peculiarity that we can choose the sex and the color of skin.
To activate the emojis, we simply have to enable it in our keyboard, the process is very simple, we will see how to activate the emojis in the iPhone .
Click on Settings
How to turn emoji on iOS with iPhone12
Now in General 
How to activate iOS emojis with the iPhone
Select Keyboard
How to activate iOS emojis with the iPhone
We look for emoji and activate it
How to activate iOS emojis with the iPhone
So fast and simple is to set emoji on our iPhone . If we decide to install some of the packages that we have presented above, during the process we will be shown the steps to configure the emojis correctly. As for activating the native emoji, it does not have any type of complication.

What are the most used emoji?

The most emoji used
The University of Michigan made a curious study, knowing that emojis were the most used by users and why. Interestingly, in the 10 countries where the studies were conducted, the most used was the smiling face with two tears . The kiss with the heart or the lonely heart, would follow behind him.
When asked why they used these emoji more, the answer was clear in virtually all opinions.
"It is a good reflection of reality and fits very well as substitutes for the text."
Spaniards use an average of 3.4% of emojis in each text that we send by any instant messaging application. Far below the French , where they use it by almost 20% . Undoubtedly, they are the most used in comparison with the 9 remaining countries.
It is true that emoji have changed the way we express ourselves, from a quick reply to smooth conversation, to avoid misunderstanding in a group of users or simply to show an expression when we do not feel like responding by writing a text. Whatever the motive, the truth is that the emoji have changed the way we  communicate.

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