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Monday, June 26, 2017

Tune your iPhone as a OnePlus 5!

There are more similarities than I should, although this does not have to be bad news, and is that who does not want to have a OnePlus without leaving a euro? Today you can do it with just a new touch to your iPhone 7 Plus, you want to know how?

Personalize your iPhone as a OnePlus 5

We love to mess with our iPhone, and is that who does not like to change wallpaper more than hairstyle? Today we do not come with a new hairstyle, although we do bring a surprise for your iPhone, since we are going to turn it into an Android terminal, at least in appearance. Nothing more and nothing less than the OnePlus 5, that is the aspect that we are going to give our iPhone today, and is that we have already paved the way in the aspect of the exterior design, let's go inside!
Do not like the OnePlus 5? Do not you like these backgrounds? Do not worry, we have the right backgrounds for you in our wallpapers section , such as the best textured backgrounds for your iPhone or the best 3D wallpapers for your iPhone .
If in any case you have not managed to give your iPhone the touch you were looking for, we will return next week with more - and better - wallpapers, do not miss them!

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