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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TvOS, the great forgotten WWDC 2017

After several years without renewing the Apple TV, the company of Tim Cook presented last year a new model with processor A8 accompanied by tvOS . This operating system included an own App Store and allowed developers to create applications and games thanks to Xcode - Apple's application development suite.
The WWDC 2017 left us yesterday many new developments regarding iOS, watchOS and macOS. However, we saw no trace of tvOS 11 , the renewal of an operating system that, while not the most popular of the brand, is taken into account by users.
At the beginning of the conference, Tim Cook took the stage to welcome the attendees and anticipated that Apple was going to play six key points during the keynote. And it took longer to say that than talking about tvOS .

Amazon Prime Video, the only novelty

Was it really necessary to include the arrival of Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV in the list of the "big six announcements" of the conference? There is no doubt that the service of the online sales giant is welcome among users, but the CEO of Cupertino company did not spend even two minutes on the Apple TV operating system.
From my point of view, " ridiculous " falls short to describe what happened yesterday in San Jose (California). Maybe not making any reference to tvOS in the WWDC 2017 would have provoked some criticism, but devoting a "section" to this operating system and presenting absolutely nothing, I find absurd and a mistake on the part of Apple .
Tim Cook announces Amazon Prime Video for tvOS.
Tim Cook announces Amazon Prime Video for tvOS.

Even without exclusive content or support for 4K or HDR

A couple of years ago, Apple broke the schemes and revolutionized the television sector thanks to tvOS . Inheriting the sleek, simple design of iOS was a huge hit on the part of the brand, as well as including Siri Remote - a touchpad to enhance the user experience. But competition squeezes, and setting aside updates is a mistake, whether software or hardware .
To date, despite the fact that tvOS has improved in terms of the catalog of available applications, we are still without 4K or HDR support on the Apple TV, characteristics demanded by Apple customers , who seek the best in the market in the products of the company.
Applications of tvOS on Apple TV.
Applications of tvOS on Apple TV.
On the other hand, although the rumors about a possible purchase of Netflix by Apple have sounded quite strong during the last months, that day does not finish arriving. And many will agree with me that Apple's incursion into the streaming business can not be reduced exclusively to the music field .


The arrival of Apple TV 4th generation seemed a statement of intent by Apple, but the delay in the pace of updates and the absence of exclusive content can influence the decision of consumers to opt for a product or another .
In addition, all of the above must be added that the price of the Apple TV is not for all budgets . The amount of the multimedia center rises to 179 euros in Spain , compared to the $ 149 it costs in the United States . While it is true that the price varies depending on the country where it is purchased, Apple does not have less responsibility in this regard. Luckily, 2017 is not over yet .
And you, do you agree with me? Do you think this move Apple? What would you ask of tvOS 11 and Apple TV in future updates? Leave us your opinion in the comment box.

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