Saturday, June 10, 2017

Two new announcements of the new 10.5-inch Pro iPad show us its process power and Apple Pencil enhancements

Apple has released two new TV ads to promote the new iPad Pro of 10.5 inches. In the first announcement, a user asks for a powerful computer, and with a comically exaggerated voice-over shows how the A10X Fusion running the new machine can edit 4K video or run the most demanding 3D games without problems. The A10X is to date the most powerful processor ever included in an iOS device, at least until new models of iPhone are introduced in a few months.
The second announcement shows the benefits of the Apple Pencil , with no delay in writing on the screen, and now more thanks to a screen that can be refreshed at 120 Hz (120 times per second), twice as fast as before .
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