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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Unmounting iTunes: Apps That Should Replace for MacOS 13.10

ITunes was the platform that revolutionized the music industry almost 15 years ago. This tool, vital in the day-to-day lives of many, radically changed the way we could buy music, starting to sell songs for 99 cents. Since then, iTunes has changed a lot and with WWDC just around the corner, there are some applications that Apple should replace or simply upgrade with the arrival of macOS 13.10 , the company's new operating system for computers.
Nowadays, we can buy not only songs on this platform, we can also buy books, movies etc., and that is why we have reached the extreme, in which we can handle iTunes from our iPhone, for example, with the same freedom Than on our iMac or MacBook , sometimes even more manageable. Anyway, let's hope Cupertino hit the spot and replace the following iTunes tools.

Apple Music 3.0

For many it is a good method of buying songs and can turn out to be quite a profitable business. But if we look back, Apple Music is about to turn 3 years, 36 months correcting errors of this tool in the past year. It's time for Apple to set aside the purchase and download of music to go to streaming , because it's the future.

Apple Studios

This app, not so well known as Apple Music, has an audiovisual content, owned by the company, very similar to iTunes. It has a catalog full of series and movies that the apple bite company bought in its day. It would be a smart step for those of Cupertino to leave aside the sale and rental of such content giving way to streaming or simply join Apple Studios and Apple Music in one pack.

Apple Podscast

This particular has nothing to do with the previous ones, because it is an application made not only to listen to podscats, but also to create them ourselves . Apple took over this sector of the market thanks to its revolutionary device, the iPod, which had a great success in its output because it was the perfect combination next to iTunes.
Something that Apple should study is undoubtedly a system, that like platforms like YouTube, users upload content and can monetize this , through ads or somehow, taking only a small part of it, as the company would take the largest part.

Apple University

Employees of a physical Apple Store
This tool is one of the most complete resources that can be found by the network, but has lost bellows. Although it offers loads of uses of the best universities of the world, Apple can benefit much. Those in Cupertino can create payment courses created by these universities , since they could be a great option for education and the company would see benefits.
The expectations for this WWDC are very high , this is because Apple has been leaving clues and rumors have been gathering great strength , so that if the company did not do something innovative, as they are famous for performing this type of actions, it would be A disappointment.

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