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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Use the Notes application and discover its possibilities

The application of notes has been present in iPhone and iPad practically since both appeared to the market . Many times we do not do all the case that it deserves when, however, it is very useful for the day to day.
Imagine the following situation: make the grocery shopping list . The normal thing is to take paper and pencil, to review what is missing in the pantry and frigo and to point yogurts, milk and fried tomatoes. Once in place, decrypt your handwriting, or the one of the person who wrote the note, who is increasingly wrinkled to get it and take it out of the pocket and fill the car.
I got used to using the application for these tasks instead of doing it on paper for convenience. So I avoid studying and well, I recognize that I like to go with the times.
Notes on beta
In the notes you have the option to avoid writing by pressing the microphone and dictating what you want. There is also the possibility of adding a photograph (very useful when you have to remember a particular product among a varied range of possibilities). Another added advantage is that they are saved in the cloud, in iCloud and therefore, all the notes written on a device have them immediately available in other Apple that has under my same ID.
Comfortable, right? We also have the possibility to share the notes with other users so that they collaborate and edit them. Once our note no longer we need, we can eliminate it but, with the option to be able to recover it if it is necessary before 30 days, at which time they will disappear from iCloud. Better impossible.
Notes on iOS 9 on iPhone

If you do not use it, what are you waiting for?

Particularly I think one of the most notable improvements was to include the possibility of blocking notes so that only you have access to them . This option is available from iOS 9.3 for all your devices. The lock method is generating a password or if your device has Touch ID, blocking and unlocking the note with your fingerprint. When the note is protected, a black lock will appear on the top, it will open when you unlock it.
Of course you're not going to protect yourself from missing toothpaste and three cans of tuna, but it's normal to want to have sensitive data safe. You can use it to protect bank details, medical information or a password .
Remember that the notes you have protected by password or fingerprint will be unlocked and locked all at once . If you open a note and leave the application without relocking it, it will be unprotected, go with the eye.
In short, I think this modest and simple application is very comfortable , with its latest update has become functional and with greater possibilities of daily use.

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