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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Video: We tested the first beta for iOS 11 developers!

A few hours after having seen the presentation of the new iOS 11 in WWDC 2017 we have rushed to download the first beta for developers and prepare our iPhone to discover first hand how they operate each of the key features of the operating system.
Siri's new features, the accessibility options were some of the highlights of the event held Monday in San Jose California, and today our colleagues of Urban Tecno have tested the first beta in an iPhone 7 Plus to not lose detail of what can Do, what you can take advantage of, and why not, which is in the latest version of iOS.
First impressions ios 11

Interface redesign and applications characterize iOS 11

In this review we have taken into account the three main areas of change of iOS 11, operating system, interface and design.

The first thing that is evident when installing this beta for iOS 11 is a change in the presentation with the device ignition, which is now presented in a degraded image and the appearance of notifications according to the order of appearance and relevance. At this point it is important to note that Apple has not yet decided to group them, as with Android devices.
The other big change of iOS for iPhone is appreciated in the "Action Center" , where it is now possible to see each widget individually and press it to make configurations in the system, making everything more minimalist and simple for users.
Animations to the time and open and close applications have changed, such as the screen capture interface , allowing us to select or draw on them.

App redesign: the new App Store

This has been one of the most notorious and appreciated changes by iOS users, since it is now much more visual and organized - larger and separate images in two columns, one of games and one of apps - allowing to differentiate each section better.
On the other hand, the camera application has also been modified, specifically in portrait mode, becoming more flexible when capturing scenes with poor lighting. In this section Apple did not leave aside the editing of videos and photos with the Live Photos application , to achieve higher quality results without the need to use complicated tools.
A well-publicized change that we can say that has met expectations is Siri ; With a redesign of the logo that can now be seen in 3D. At system level, the most expected change is related to the possibility of translating, which is not currently available in Spain.

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