Thursday, June 8, 2017

Virtual reality could reach our Macs in autumn

After the hangover suffered in this last week with the WWDC 2017 event by Apple, in NewCydiaTweaks we want to tell you when and through which devices virtual reality comes to the Mac , as announced by the people of Cupertino at this event.
Officially the virtual reality will arrive at the products of Mac once the official update of macOS High Sierra has been released , but if you are of the restless people who need to see how it works and you have some HTC Live you can make brief tests in your Mac.
Of course these tests will not be anything out of this world, since the system is not yet ready . As well said Apple in the presentation we would have to wait for autumn to be able to enjoy this virtual reality in its terminals.
Htc lives
Of course the other big problem is the power of the devices. Until now Apple had no product capable of making this type of technology flow well. He was even the creator of the Live of HTC, who some time ago criticized the Californians for not having a product capable of withstanding their glasses of virtual reality .
Of course the response of Apple has not been expected and has created and presented in this WWDC the iMac Pro, which will be released while updating the operating system. In principle this new product will be able to support the virtual reality , although perhaps its only problem is the $ 5,000 that it will be difficult to be done with one of these powerful equipment.
Virtual reality in mac

The other solution and perhaps the cheapest for a future to be able to enjoy the virtual reality in your Apple computer, is to give use to one of the Thunderbolt 3 of your computer and add a graphics card as announced Apple that could be done soon.
What is clear is that Apple has not only taken that first step towards virtual reality, but that is putting everything in its power to make products that are able to support this technology. Now we only have to see how this new technology works, once it is official thanks to the update of macOS .
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