Friday, June 16, 2017

Vivo would be the first manufacturer to include the fingerprint reader on the screen

Much has been said about whether or not Apple will be able to implement the fingerprint reader on the screen of its next iPhone , and is that from what is seen not only the Californians have had problems in developing this technology that unlock the terminal by putting Our footprint on the terminal screen.
Of course within the Android world this problem has also been present, and manufacturers as important as Samsung and LG within the Android world, have also failed to develop this technology .
Contrary to what we can think, today the great news is that a company and manufacturer of terminals in the sector, seems to have been able to develop a technology that would become what other companies define as the integration of fingerprint reader in the Screen of the terminals.
The filtration performed by means known GSMArena , it shows a video where a terminal from Vivo brand, which is unlocked by a fingerprint reader located on the screen looks . As stated in the news, this terminal could be an upcoming presentation of the Chinese brand that is so well known in this country.
This leak should not be surprising when there has been more than once a similar situation, where a brand has copied some innovation that was rumored to incorporate Apple to its terminals. The closest case was the one with the 3D Touch technology that was presented by some brands of the Android world, before it did the own Apple in its iPhone 6S.
Mobile filtering with fingerprint reader on screen
We will see to see if Vivo really has managed to develop and implement this new technology , and if it really serves to get terminals that take much better advantage of the front of the terminal.
For what we will have to wait, it is to see if Apple will finally integrate this technology where the Touch ID will be located on the screen of the terminal. What we are clear, is that Chinese manufacturers quickly aim to try to be the first to bring any novelty to this increasingly competitive sector.
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