Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Wake up in a friendly way thanks to Sueño

Smartphones have managed to get into our lives, even in our dreams if I may be licensed. Many people use their device to start the day by setting an alarm . Today we go something further to explore the Dream function, available within the native Clock application .
This function was implemented in iOS 10 and gets to do an analysis of your habits of rest, since the app communicates with the Health . Sounds interesting, so let's get to it.
First, we must differentiate between the Alarm, which is usually the one we use for everything, including the time to go to bed, and the Sleep, which is specific to go to sleep . In it we will find the Alarm Clock, which serves to configure the days of the week in which we want to wake us; A reminder to go to bed, which will notify you beforehand and as we set it, a few minutes before going to bed.
When I have made use of her, I have asked her to let me know 15 minutes before the scheduled time. So you know you have to go put on your pajamas and brush your teeth. Finally we find the sounds to wake up, that have peculiar names like "Opening the eyes", "Madrugador" or "Alba", to give some example. Melodies that are pleasant and that sound gradually.
IPhone 5S alarm
To make the configuration of this Dream mode we will find an orange wheel. We can slide with our finger on it and we will set the time that we want to go to sleep and we want to wake up. As you can appreciate it is something different from an alarm, in which you just set the time to get up. The main advantage that I find is how graphic this option is, since we automatically appear the hours that we will be sleeping .
I have to say that when I have used it, it faithfully reflects your way of sleeping. It represents in graphs the movements that you do or the depth of the dream. Its continuous use and integration with the Salud application is monitoring your nocturnal habits to be able to offer you a more detailed analysis.
IPhone 7 bed
As you have been able to check throughout the article waking up will continue to cost us the same work as always, but the Sleep function can help us to get certain habits, especially to follow the recommended guidelines of sleeping at least 7 or 8 hours . Apple also takes your rest very seriously .
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