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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We show you how to make Wi-Fi calls with your iPhone

Today we are going to know more about Wi-Fi calls, a complement offered by some Apple products and has been shown as something of great utility . What we need to make these types of calls is a compatible terminal, a recent iOS version and an operator that offers the service. The list of these at a global level is very large, although within Spain at the moment Orange is the only operator offering this service .
IPhone 7
In the case of the iPhone is available from the model 5c onwards and with an iOS version after 9.2.

Make Wi-Fi calls from the iPhone

Activating these types of calls is very simple. To do this, follow the path Settings> Phone> Wi-Fi calls . Once done, the word Wi-Fi will appear behind the operator name in the status bar . From that moment on, calls will be made through this system. Simple, right? The positive thing about this type of calls is that it is not necessary for your caller to be connected to a Wi-Fi network so that you can use the service.
Making a slight break in this from Wi-Fi calls, I love the ability to setup an Apple device from Settings . A universe before you.

The verdict

To say that I am active user of this service and of the moment the satisfaction is high. Being available in places with little or no coverage as long as there is a Wi-Fi network to connect to provides a sense of tranquility . I can think of a multitude of situations in which you can check how the service works. One can be the typical rural hotel with no or little coverage, but with a powerful Wi-Fi. Another could be a basement house where the telephone signal is bad, but has a wireless network installed.
Calling iPhone
The positive thing about this is that as users we do not have to do anything other than activate the Wi-Fi calls from the settings, not having to install any additional application of any kind . Needless to say, the quality of the call can be affected by multiple factors such as the quality of the connection, interference that may occur or the rate of rise . Do not intend to have a communication without cuts if you are with several simultaneous downloads at the same time.
Once again we place you to follow the hottest contents that our team makes for you. Do you use Wi-Fi calling? Leave it in comments.

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