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Sunday, June 11, 2017

What exactly is the Developer Kit and eGPUs?

It has been almost a week since the presentation of the World Developers Conference of Apple, or WWDC , of this 2017. In it have presented interesting news, although many thought that those of Cupertino could have tried harder ...

Apple wants to attract video game developers to develop for macOS

During this week's conference, Apple has made it clear at various times that it is really interested in the world of video games . So far on the topic of playing on the computer the most clear winner was Microsoft , and do not worry, because that will continue to be so. The truth is that no matter how much Apple tries, they are going to have it very complicated ...
And is that Windows is already the operating system for gamers par excellence. Still those of the big apple company are trying to snatch a little market. This can be seen clearly in the presentation of this week, where they announced the launch of ARKit, a tool that will facilitate the creation of video games. In addition, they have also made it clear that their computers are perfectly trained to run good games, although in fact, Macs will never be the best computers to play.
Is it possible to play on Mac?  Yes, but it seems that most developers forget the users of the platform ...
Is it possible to play on Mac? Yes, but it seems that most developers forget the users of the platform ...

The video game development kit with the Mac

While for some game our favorite game a Mac is perfectly capable, the thing is different if you want to develop a video game .
That is why Apple will put on sale a kit for video game developers. There are still very few who have been able to get their hands on this product, but the AppleInsider guys are one of them. So let's see what this kit consists of ...

What's in this video game developer kit?

The price of this kit has yet to be determined, in fact, it is still unknown how the kit will be distributed . Even so, seeing the products that this includes we can realize that they are not intended for amateurs or independent developers.
The master piece of the kit is an external box for graphics. In particular it is a product of the Sonnet brand  that allows us to connect a graphics card inside a PCI slot . And how do we connect the external graphics card, or eGPU, to our computer? For this, this external box has a Thunderbolt 3 port In addition, this external box incorporates a  hub with USB ports.
External box for mounting a graphics card.
External box for mounting a graphics card.
But this external box would be nothing if we did not incorporate a graphics card. That is why this kit already includes one. Specifically it is an AMD Radeon RX 580 Sapphire brand This AMD GPU is not a game, and is that it offers a performance of 6 teraflops (to have a reference, MacBook Pro can reach up to 1.9 teraflops).
AMD Radeon RX 580 from Sapphire that will include the kit.
AMD Radeon RX 580 from Sapphire that will include the kit.
It also includes a discount code for the acquisition of the HTC Vive virtual reality glasses Specifically it is a discount of $ 100 , so it seems that Apple wants to boost the market for VR and AR.

What are eGPUs? What benefits can we bring?

An eGPU , or  External Graphics Processor Unit , is an external device that has a graphics processor. These can be connected to a computer, already have a graphics card or not, through a Thunderbolt port, for example, to improve its graphic performance .
These devices are mainly used to improve the performance of laptops , as these usually do not have good graphics cards built in, and this technology allows this. Thus, a MacBook Pro can make use of an eGPU connected by Thunderbolt 3 to obtain a greater graphical performance, for example. In addition, this is something very interesting, because for the first time Apple announced that macOS High Sierra will have support for eGPU. Although, to be honest, it was something with Sierra Sierra already known to work ...
Interesting bet by Apple with this eGPU kit and the development tools presented.
Interesting bet by Apple with this eGPU kit and the development tools presented.


Support for eGPUs in macOS and developer kits that make it even easier. It seems that Apple with this strategy tries to scratch a little more market, despite not being the only company offering similar solutions. What do you think?

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