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Thursday, June 1, 2017

What's new in MacOS 10.13 at WWDC 2017

What can we expect from Apple on MacOS 13.10 for this WWDC? This is a really frequent question among the users of the company. Also, the rumors have been feeding many possible news about iOS 11 , but the question that has all the customers of this brand waiting for the great annual conference of Apple are the changes that can undergo the operating system for tablets and notebooks Of the company, macOS.
This software, formerly called OS X, came with many new features , including Sierra, which brought to life Siri , Apple's personal assistant, El Capitan, who improved performance considerably and Yosemite, which Improved the interface making it simpler and more comfortable to use.

Does APFS come to Mac?

Apple File System
All the rumors and movements of Apple lately, point out that this could be a reality, although there is nothing confirmed by the company. The new storage system, APFS, replaces the classic HFS + , since the hard drives of the Macs are the vast majority of SSDs , it is quite possible that Apple make these changes without saying anything, as they have done on more than one occasion, as In iOS 10.3.

ICloud Drive will be more present in our lives

ICloud Drive Logo
Currently we have the ability to save our desktop and documents in iCloud Drive, for all those users with several devices Apple is a tool that greatly facilitates the processes when passing files to each other. It is possible that in the not too distant future, we can save our entire user folder inside iCloud Drive.
Although, of course, for this we would need more space in iCloud. To this day we can expand our GB of storage by means of an annual payment . We also have to keep in mind that the Photo Library is included inside the user folder , which could lead to emphasis.

Messages will have all iOS features

The messaging version of macOS does not have emoticons, stickers or anything related to them, which we have in iOS since a year. It would not make any sense that Apple did not make this change, it is very simple and will give a new color to the messages. They could also find the middle point between the two kinds of messaging so that they are the same two.

How will Apple baptize it?

MacOS computer saw
Since we mentioned before, the previous phases of macOS, had different and peculiar names, such as El Capitan, Sierra etc ... This name will be announced by Craig Federighi , as he is in charge of presenting it on stage at the next WWDC .
As every year, this conference is highly anticipated by the users of the company, since every year brings out incredible things, products that we could not even imagine they existed and that is why Apple is so successful, its innovation.

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