Thursday, June 8, 2017

WhatsApp adds a filter system for photos and albums, in the future it will allow deleting sent messages

A few days ago WhatsApp updated its App to add a series of improvements related to the images that we share. From now on, it will be possible to apply color filters and other edits to our photos in a similar way as you can do in Instagram or Snapchat among others. These color filters also appear when you send a photo or video using the sharing extension that WhatsApp installs on your system. They can be used by making a sliding movement upwards when we are in the image selector.
In addition to filters, now WhatsApp can create photo albums when we send several together , thus avoiding flooding a chat with an endless list of images or videos as it happened so far. Albums appear whenever more than 4 images or videos are sent at once, with no comments below.
In the future, according to Webetainfo , they are preparing a functionality that is much demanded by many users; To be able to send a previously sent message , that is, to remove it from the chat and to disappear from the screens of all the members of a group or the other side if it is a chat between two people. The only limitation is a window of about five minutes inside which you can delete something sent, but later, it will be permanently available in the chat.
WhatsApp available to update
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