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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

WhatsApp is updated and allows iOS users to watch videos without downloading them

At the end of last year WhatsApp announced a function that allowed to play videos in our mobile phones without downloading them, with the clear advantages that this means for our data and for the time to wait to see some content. However, this feature presented some problems for iOS users of version 2.17.10.
But since today, the most popular messaging service in the world has revealed that through the update 2.17.31, streaming videos will begin to work for iOS users, without the delays and problems that made the option It will be disabled in the previous version.
WhatsApp iPhone

With WhatsApp version 2.17.31 for iOS you can watch videos without downloading them

As planned from the beginning, the function will allow to play videos in streaming, and later will be the same user who decides or not to download them manually.
With this latest update WhatsApp eliminated the problems when playing videos - without forcing us to have the memory of our device - and launches one of the functions that most grateful users of the platform.
From a few months to here, the company belonging to Facebook does not stop. A few days ago we also received the news that eliminates the limitation in the size of the files - videos and uncompressed photographs - that are allowed to share and in case it has announced that soon, will activate the feature that will let us eliminate messages soon Time of having sent them and that surely, will save to more of one of a good mess.
This latest update is already available for iOS users and hopefully this time, we can enjoy it without any failure. Ready to download?

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