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Sunday, June 18, 2017

WhatsApp or Telegram?

Come on a hot topic, as much as these spring days with summer advance. Among the many messaging applications that we find in the App Store the most demanded are these two. We do not announce anything new by saying that WhatsApp has many more users than Telegram . Launched in 2009, it captures a huge market share and so much so we say " I'll send you a WhatsApp " before I'll send you a message ." Something that is in our subconscious and that already collects our SAR .
Personally, I like Telegram more than WhatsApp for various reasons that I now give you to list.

Computer application

While both have this tool to write while working from our computer, the Telegram does not need to have the phone close or connected to use . Your messaging application without any ties and anywhere you have an internet connection.
WhatsApp on iPhone

You do not need to share your number

In Telegram you can add or be added simply with a nick , which is always preceded by the sign at (@). Our privacy is more protected.
WhatsApp and Telegram

Ability to edit messages

You are wrong to write and you can edit to correct it. WhatsApp is an option that is supposed to be implemented shortly , but the blue ones have had it for some time . I recognize that it is very useful.

Use stickers

Let's recognize that we still have a teenage point and that we like to get out of the usual emoticons and GIFS. They are very fun and without hesitation they will make you leave the routine .

Send files

Telegram allows you to send files of more types than WhatsApp . Win by thrashing in this aspect. You can send files with the extension .RAR or .ZIP.
Make payments on Telegrams

Telegram Channels

It allows the distribution of information of any subject to a large number of users at a time. There are very varied, of any subject you want to imagine . The big plus is that obviously no one is going to have your phone number .

Resolution of photos and videos

When sending these types of files the compression in Telegram is smaller, so the receiver will be able to enjoy the same to higher quality .
Message with Telegram

Using bots

Bots are just applications or software with which you can interact. Like the channels they are very varied, as for example one on Apple that is called @PlataformaAppleBot.
Which one do you prefer? At a particular level I've been using the Telegram for WhatsApp, it seems to me a more polished, useful and effective application . Obviously the drawback is that the first one is not used by so many people. To give an example, I have 35 contacts in Telegram versus 256 in WhatsApp. You know, who knocks first ...
If you liked this article and want to leave your opinion on which is the one that you prefer and why you only have to write some words in comments .

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