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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Where was the dark mode of iOS 11?

It was almost an open secret. After many rumors and some other filtered screen in which we could observe, we assumed that the dark mode  would arrive in iOS 11 . Last Monday at WWDC 2017 nothing was announced in this way although after the analysis of betas it seems that there is a similar mode: intelligent color inversion.
How does this novelty affect us? In this post we will talk about it and if it is a great novelty or a disappointment for those who expected a dark way as such.

What is intelligent color inversion?

In iOS 10 we already had a reversal of colors in the terminals that completely changed colors by their opposites. In this new version of the operating system (it will officially arrive in the fall) we find what Apple has called "smart investment of colors". Is this the dark mode? Not as such. It is true that colors are inverted and black abounds making the phone shine less, but if it were a real dark mode, some colors would not be inverted if they are reversed , such as applications icons or photos.
Dark mode
Hypothetical view of the iPhone settings if it will integrate dark mode
This new mode is not as drastic in investment as the investment of a lifetime, but continues without being the demanded option. In addition it seems to be presented in a more targeted way to people with vision problems, since to activate this adjustment must be done from Accessibility .

Did not fulfill the requests

Some applications, see Twitter, incorporate dark mode for some time. So it is also on many Android smartphone, which does not go either with the system if not with the mobile model in question. Many iPad and iPhone users have demanded for years to integrate into iOS. In recent months and after leaking some news of the system, the demand had become massive . Already no one ventured to think that it would not arrive with iOS 11. Apple did not meet expectations, or at least not at all.
For me it was also a request this dark mode, not so much that I will use it if not, at least, have the option to use it if I want. But realistically I think this option has been overrated. It has been screamed and many have had a big disappointment with its not fully integrating in iOS 11. But it is still a detail without further ado. A detail that adds a new visual option to use our equipment, but that much less can change our lives.

Will the dark mode come with the iPhone 8?

Everything indicates that the next iPhone of the tenth anniversary (still without official name) will arrive with OLED screen . This makes the black colors stand out more and are blacker than on the LCD screens of the current devices. This would make a hypothetical dark mode ideal for the new iPhone .
IPhone 8 prototype
Prototype iPhone 8 with OLED display
Apple would highlight many things of the new iPhone, but the dark mode would be a great asset that could present stop praising the new screen that will integrate the device.
This is a theory that many point out, like our fellow YouTube channel , Fernando and David, who have said that this could be true.
In any case we will have to wait for the presentation of the next iPhone, presumably in the fall. Although until then also we will have the doubt that, if this is true, it will be implemented at the same time in the rest of devices with iOS 11 even if they have LCD screen.
What do you think? Did you miss the dark mode on iOS 11? Do you think it will finally come with the next iPhone?
If you want a complete review of iOS 11 , do not hesitate to visit the video made by Fernando Del Moral.

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