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Friday, June 2, 2017

Where will the Touch ID of the iPhone 8 go?

What if on the screen, on the back, behind the apple logo, on the unlock button ... There have been many rumors in these months about the iPhone 8 (with the name yet to be confirmed), and with them the doubt Where it will integrate the Touch ID that until now integrated the home button. In this article we will review some of those rumors to try to get closer to what will become reality in a few months. What if there is no Touch ID?

Integrated on screen

Everything points to Apple will, once again, get what others have tried and failed to integrate the Touch ID on the screen.
Image of how the iPhone 8 could be with the Touch ID integrated into the screen
No doubt it would be a real blow on the table by Apple that managed to integrate it on the screen using a virtual home button, which while still being screen, did the functions we have done so far with the classic home button.
But would it integrate into one place or spread across the screen? It would rather be the first, and while it would have been complex to get to that point, I think extending it to the entire screen would now be but a small step further and would give us a number of unique amenities such as entering a App protected with Touch ID by touching only the icon of this one.
Will Cupertino take the cat in the water with the Touch ID on the screen? Everything points to yes, but nothing is confirmed yet and other variants can be given.

In the back

Integrating the Touch ID in the back is the other big rumor that is moving around, and without doubt is also the most controversy generated among users, since a few have just convinced them the alleged design of an iPhone 8 with The fingerprint reader in the back.
IPhone 8 in Weibo
Possible iPhone 8 in Weibo filtration
Realistically it would not be a drama that the Touch ID will be on the back of the new iPhone, after all almost all the brands that are betting on a front with full screen, took the fingerprint reader behind.
What is clear is that Apple could not afford to put it in a place as accessible as it has happened with the Samsung Galaxy S8 (especially the Plus version). But if it is well integrated, respects the design, is accessible and works just as well as up to now, we can not complain.

Behind the apple

When the first rumors of the Touch ID of the iPhone 8 in the back began to emerge, many thought we could integrate it even the very apple logo. Few rumors are there, but it would be a very elegant detail in which Apple would look like doing something unique.
It would also be a change from previous generations, as it would no longer be in the front to go to the rear, but would certainly be an ideal place to place it . In addition, seeing the size that the new iPhone is supposed to have would be a very accessible place with the finger to unlock the phone without having to search through to find the reader.

On the power button

This possibility has not been talked about just yet but it is another variant that Apple could have considered when choosing the destination of the fingerprint reader.
There are brands, like Sony's Xperia, that have already bet on bringing the fingerprint reader on the button we used to turn the phone on and off. It is comfortable and very accessible. So accessible that we could not unlock the phone without touching that button and that makes it a perfect place. However it could alter the design of the button itself and the iPhone in terms of width as it could hardly be integrated with the shape and size of the current button on / off.
In addition, and from experiences that I have been able to hear, the fact that the reader is integrated into the button is not very quick and effective.

What if there was no Touch ID?

Even the iPhone 5s if we wanted to unlock the phone with some security had to be using a numeric code. The Touch ID arrived and we seem to forget the previous method of unlocking. What if on the next iPhone made us forget the Touch ID ?
Concept of iPhone 8 without fingerprint sensor in the back
Concept of iPhone 8 without fingerprint sensor in the back
Some new methods of unlocking are being developed, either by face detection or iris scanning. New forms , which if well developed and implemented would be much more secure and accurate than the fingerprint itself.
The cons of this section are many and most are due to their safety. It is very difficult to ensure that there would be no way to supplant and unlock the phone without our permission. But we can not also ensure that Apple was not developing a secure unlock system in which it is almost impossible to bypass security. And I say almost, because in matters of computer security there is nothing impossible.


The iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition, or whatever you want to call the tenth anniversary iPhone, will bring a new way of understanding and managing our phone . Many of these novelties are gradually being known (although not confirming). And the Touch ID will be another novelty. As we have said, everything points to that it will be integrated in the screen and would be the most groundbreaking way to arrive making Apple again the first to get it and set a path. But until it is officially presented (still undated) anything can happen and we know that Cupertino are experts at surprising us and it would not be surprising that we had not even hit any of these rumors.

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