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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Who will win, iPhone 7 or One Plus 5?

Thanks to the good taste of the past terminals of One Plus, the expectations of your next smartphone are even greater and more if we realize that it is an iPhone clone 7 , but with superior hardware and a much lower price . When the first images of the One Plus 5 were leaked they left us delirious, since this one seemed literally a clone of the current mobile phone of Apple, but instead of the characteristic apple logo in the back of this one, we could find the One Plus 5 .

Cheap copy or not?

IPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s in detail their cameras
Leaving aside the price difference, which is abysmal, what can offer us the new Chinese phone that does not give us the iPhone 7 already? The answer is really nothing, the hardware improvements are huge, given that Apple's son has 3 GB of RAM, but this is a terminal last year, and although the One Plus 5 has 8 GB of RAM , iOS is so Well optimized that we will not notice difference in comparing the fluidity between both operating systems , as Android will be fine, but simply the software for Apple iPhone and iPad is superior to the rest.
They have already faced each other many times to test the speeds of both, for example, in processes where the One Plus 5 with 8 GB of RAM took 3 minutes to complete these tasks, the iPhone 7 took 2, and is That we repeat once again how impressively good Apple products are optimized. Not only their terminals, because their computers have been on par or above the competition for years having a much lower hardware, all thanks to their operating systems. On the other hand this is no longer a problem of Mac computers, given that thanks to its new Intel processors of seventh generation can compete against the highest ranges.
The truth is that the One Plus 5 for the price you will have at your departure will be a leading mobile within its category, but when you leave the iPhone 8 will very kindly explain to the Asian manufacturer how things work in the world of electronics , Which by the way the next terminal of Apple will be the most expensive smartphone in history , surpassing thus the $ 1,000, but the price is not something that throws back the followers of the company, given that it is said to be the phone that more Close to perfection

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