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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Why an Apple Slipper Could Cost $ 30,000?

Among other things, if Apple is recognized for something is because of the high price of its products and more if it is a collection object, as now are a pair of shoes launched by the firm in the 1990s, as an available prototype for employees. Now, the pair of sports shoes will be auctioned on Ebay for a base price of $ 15,000 and a maximum projection of $ 30,000.
The auction called "A look to the future" will be held this June 11 through eBay, and although it will also be available other interesting sports objects, it was the shoes that opened the idea for this event organized by the company Heritage Auction , When their art director, Leon Benrimon, found them at a garage sale in San Francisco.

Shoes made in the 90 by Apple will be auctioned on eBay

The characteristics of the shoes available to the fans of Apple, specify that it is a model of size 9 and a half, made of the typical material of white leather of the time and they relate to the company thanks to the rainbow logo of Apple located in The tongue of the shoe and the sides.
Since it was a prototype with limited quantities, it is believed that there are only two parts of these shoes worldwide, at least so reported Benrimon in a statement to businessinsider ; For this reason, they expect that this piece enviable for any fan of the technological giant, reach the 30 thousand dollars in the auction.
These sneakers are truly unique and rarely seen or photographed. It's a real collectible for the technology community, Benrimon said.
Although it is an ambitious offer, there are precedents that suggest that the threshold considered by Heritage Auction is reached; A year ago another private seller traded a leather jacket that Steve Jobs used for $ 22,000, a pair of jeans for $ 3,000 and a Seiko watch for $ 12,800.

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