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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Why buy the new beast from Apple, the new iMac?

The most anticipated event by the Cupertino company's followers, the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) took place yesterday. At this conference we expected many things from the company of the bite apple, especially after the rumors that were spinning over the internet about their next products.
After a whole year of waiting again to this meeting between the faithful users of Apple, its developers and important members, we can clearly say that the Californian firm has exceeded our expectations , launching a whole new range of iMac, MackBook and even the tan Expected macOS 13.10 High Sierra .

The great wait bears its fruits

IMac 21.5 4K
The iMac presented at the WWDC are far superior to their ancestors, this is because Apple has opted for the new Intel processors of seventh generation , which have offer a great performance, as these monsters move to 4.2 GHz and can even Increase this to 4.5 GHz , but it is not very recommendable since it will raise the temperature of this and shortening its life expectancy, although with 4.2 GHz we should have plenty to do whatever we want.
Another great reason to take the step and buy an iMac, if we are not thinking about acquiring one and the portfolio allows us, is the graphical section, as the visual improvements can be appreciated just after turning the computer on. The screen has been improved in a very remarkable way , since the brightness is adjustable with a 500 nits cap , this will help us to see the details that we were previously unable to see and even take into account others that we did not know.
Before we talk about the hardware, describing its performance as far as the processor is concerned, but it is not the only performance improvement that it has, given that they come with a new graphics card, depending on the model, the 27-inch model will come with a Radeon Pro 570/575/580 that will have a 8GB VRAM cap, including a 5K display.
On the other hand, the smaller iMac, but at the same time almost as powerful, the 21.5-inch version, will have a 4K display , somewhat less than the 5K of its older brother, although it performs quite well and will have a graphics card Same as the 27-inch iMac, but somewhat less powerful, the Radeon 555 or 600, depending on the model . We also have to say that it supports twice the RAM of the iMac before these, because if they could hold 32 GB of RAM, they will withstand 64 GB of RAM.

Its price

IMac placed on a VESA stand
If these data still do not convince you, prices will make you change your mind , because the 21.5 inches has an exit price of 1,000 euros, the 4K version of this will be about 1,150 euros , while the 27- Impressive 5K screen you can have it at home for 1,600 euros.

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