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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why do we want so much power in the iPad Pro?

A few days ago we told you the latest information that pointed to the fact that the new iPad Pro introduced a few weeks earlier in the WWDC 2017 was more powerful than the MacBook Pro of 2017. It may seem like good news in full rule and, in fact , In part it is. However, the problem lies in the need we have of this power in an iPad, which is practically nil. Do we really need so much in iOS?

IPad need macOS

At this point in the movie we have already repeated this idea to the point of satiety, and is that iOS is completely useless when it comes to being productive with our iPad . Yes, it is true that we have a series (short) of well-adapted applications - some should polish them, say it to Twitter - although we must recognize that neither these applications give us the full potential, nor are there as many as in the ecosystem Of macOS. Added to this is the fact that multitasking in iOS does not exist .
Family sharing macOS High Sierra
Yes, as you have read, and we can not say that there is a real multitasking when the software of the Cupertino simply "freezes" applications in the background . It is true that there are applications like Spotify that continue to play music, or like WhatsApp, whose notifications we receive, but do not try to leave the songs of Spotify downloading in the background . Own experience, believe me.
Of course, without too many applications, without the possibility of installing programs properly said and without a multitasking in conditions, what serves us so much power in an iPad? At best we can use it as a "big iPhone", nothing more . In short, pay more for a gigantic iPhone that is more powerful than a MacBook Pro costing half and not serving even a tenth of what this laptop can offer .

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