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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Will we see the iPhone 8 with the fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen?

To date, there is little information we have yet to know about the next renewal of the California firm: the iPhone 8 . A few months after its official presentation, we hardly have many technical specifications to know. Something that has been happening in the company for years, due to the continuous leaks and rumors by the organizations close to the firm of the apple itself.
On this occasion, we do not have data of great interest that we still do not know. Perhaps one of the big unknowns that still arises would be the possible integration of the fingerprint sensor on the screen itself . Is this possible today?

The fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen is already a reality

The answer is clear and concise yes. And is that Vivo has managed to launch a new terminal with the integrated fingerprint . Unfortunately, not everything is positive, since this new sensor integrated in the terminal of Vivo is somewhat slow , at the same time that the place of recognition is very small considering the large space that we offer the screens of the terminals.
Despite this, the Asian company has admitted that this reduction of space is due to a financial rather than a technological issue. So it will be a matter of time to see a terminal with a vastly improved and improved sensor.
This information is very important for the future iPhone 8, since it gives us hope that the next renewal of the Californians incorporate this sensor that much stirred has harvested in recent times . It would be a pleasure to enjoy this innovative technology on the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone.
On the other hand, if this were true, as the different leaks have been revealing, the great unknown would be the space of this sensor , and of course its speed of unlocking . However, I am confident that the company's engineers are very aware of both aspects. In this way, if they finally incorporated this sensor I'm sure it would work just fine.

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