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Sunday, June 25, 2017

With the arrival of iOS 11 we will have augmented reality in Apple Maps

As we have seen on previous occasions, Apple seems to be paying great attention and time to the Apple Maps app, Apple Maps , which is direct competition with Google Maps. A few days ago we could see that in the beta for developers of iOS 11 those of Cupertino had added a very peculiar function: the ability to see the interior of buildings with great precision and accuracy, this task can only be carried out if we are close to the establishment in question.
The second public beta of this new software for iPhone and iPad, iOS 11, has already arrived. This second phase of the operating system brings a new and very unique tool that no one in the competition has: navigate Apple Maps using virtual reality . To make this a possible reality Tim Cook employees have had to take advantage of the 3D models of the flyover we already had and another new technology called ARKit, which will synchronize the location between buildings and graphics.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Apple Vs.  Google
The new update to Apple Maps could be translated as that Apple has replaced the routes in Flyover by the navigation in 3D so futuristic. This way when you click on a city while we have the Flyover activated, the route would start from our location to where we have dialed, but now we can fly virtually through the city or the area that we have selected at our discretion. The purpose of this tool is to improve the orientation for tourists when they are in a city or a locality in which they do not know how to locate themselves properly.
It is quite possible that Google accuse Apple of plagiarism, since it is a derivation of the Street View of Google Maps , since already almost all the big companies are saying that the company of Cupertino is copying to them, like the case of the head manager in the Range of Microsoft's Surface laptop, which said the new iPad Pro is based on tablets of his company . Although we find clear similarities to the app mentioned above by Google, it is not the same, since, if we cover the camera with your finger, ARkit will tell us that it needs more contrast .
IOS 11 beta
With the arrival of the iPhone 8 we can make the most of this type of tools, especially because the expectations are so high that it is said to be the best smartphone ever created , not to mention that it will also be the most expensive in history .

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