Tuesday, June 20, 2017

With iOS 11 you can transfer the settings from one terminal to another in a very simple way

Developers continue to overturn with the new iOS 11, and every day we have new data of the innovations that brings this new operating system of the apple for iPhone.
The great novelty discovered today regarding iOS 11 has to do with issues of configuration of new products. Remember that this operating system is not yet available to the public , and it is only the developers who are testing the new software that will accompany the next iPhone once it is presented.
Ios 11 on ipad and iphone
While we look forward to these presentations of the next Apple terminals, different media are filtering the new features of this new iOS 11, specifically today is MacRumors that teaches us how the Californians have integrated a new way of configuring our devices .
This new feature would allow iOS users to configure new products with this same operating system with an automatic transfer of all the settings of our usual device , so we could copy the WiFi networks, preferred settings, or iCloud accounts between other things.
The method to transfer our configuration should sound a lot. The first step is to turn on the new device and keep it close to the device that is already configured, so a code will appear very similar to the one we scan to match our Apple Watch , once this process with the camera of the terminal we will only have to wait until All settings are copied to the other product.
Iphone 8 with ios 11
Yes it should be mentioned that once this process has been completed, the user must adjust certain parameters such as whether or not to use Touch ID, location or function to find my iPhone.
It is clear that with this functionality Apple wants to take a step forward when the user can purchase various products of the apple, and do not have to deal with the configuration of all devices.
Even if we go a step further, perhaps this new function is the best way for a family member or a friend to help configure someone who does not have so much experience with their terminal, although perhaps for this we will have to see how this functionality evolves and how Is welcomed by the public .
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