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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

With the new annual subscription of Apple Music you can save a little money

Streaming music services are applications that today are present in the vast majority of terminals both Android and iOS . The two most well-known services within the music scene are Spotify and Apple Music, where the first is the leader in with more than 140 million users , and Apple's version is the apple's attempt to hog part of the market.
It was Apple with his music application, which proposed to face Spotify after the failed attempt by some artists with whom he became known as Tidal. The Californians redesigned their application and were based on offering a Premium service, unlike a Spotify that is characterized by their free accounts.

Apple Music data control dest
Precisely because of this, Apple has grown to a large extent within this sector of music applications, where its subscription has made many users go to the service looking for something of higher quality . Of course a fact that has also caused a great growth of the application of Apple Music is its arrival in Google Play, and Android users can enjoy this service of the apple.
From here everything is history, Apple has maintained its policy of not offering free accounts except the trial month , and Spotify continues to bet on a free service where if you want some more advanced features you will have to pay.

Music player on the Apple Watch
All this has happened so far, since Apple seems to want to give a little boost to their Apple Music with an offer we had already seen on other occasions but not this way. In particular, we mean that if you are a user of the service or you intend to do so, you can now get an annual subscription of the service of Apple for 99 euros from the application itself , saving you 20 throughout the year.
Without a doubt with this news Apple wants to motivate the subscriptions of its service of music, and of course the to maintain to the users for a long period of time . We will see to see what the answer is from Spotify, which is expected to move tab to not lose part of your audience more Premium.

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