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Thursday, June 1, 2017

With this app your photos will come to life

Today I come to talk about what I consider the best application to take snapshots that has been developed for iPhone or iPad. Yes, it is ProCam 4, a tool that many already know and use.
First of all I will put you in antecedents. When I got my first iPhone years ago I remember that I got to accumulate up to 3 different folders with photography applications. It became almost an obsession, and then it was true that only used the same always .
A while later I heard about ProCam 4, of which you will only hear wonders. He does not lack reason to say, and I myself am one of them, which is the most complete and the one that offers better benefits . The price of the application, 5.49 euros, is more than justified, since the range of possibilities is maximum.

My verdict

My opinion, already high on ProCam 4, has only been improved further after spending several days of use in nature. It is rare to find an application that combines a high degree of functionality with an interface so easy to use . Although I do not use the editing functions in the application, which has them and very good, I prefer to use others. I've been using most of the other powerful ProCam 4 features, including manual ISO control, shutter speed, white balance and flash, RAW + JPEG or TIFF capture , exposure control and various shutter.
Everything is intuitive enough to use and it is a joy to shoot with it because all the main features are easily accessible from the same screen. The resulting images are of higher quality than I could get with the same hardware of the iPhone camera controlled by other applications. Overall, I still believe that ProCam 4 is the best camera app I've ever handled .
Do not lose sight of the functionalities for video, with options like TimeLapse that will surely have fun, or the possibility of recording by varying the number of fps.
With all these features, the camera on your device starts to behave much like a more advanced independent camera . While the iPhone camera, with its sensor and fixed aperture lens can not be compared to a professional camera, the results with ProCam 4 are much better compared to using the camera with the native application of the phone. For 5.49 euros you have fun for a while. And if you have an iPhone 7 Plus, it allows you the option of making photos with 3D effect by combining the use of both lenses. What else do you want?
In short, test your skills as an artist and get the best of you, because with ProCam 4 everything is more professional. What are you waiting to surprise?
ProCam 4 - Manual Camera + RAW

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