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Monday, June 26, 2017

Would you pay $ 20,000 for an iPhone?

This Thursday will be a decade since the first generation iPhone was launched. Since then, it was seen as a luxury device, backed by its $ 500 price tag, and not much has changed regarding that consideration. According to the information published in Cultofmac , to date, the price of a device of that first fully sealed version is offered on eBay for prices ranging from 5 thousand to 20 thousand dollars.
And without a reference to which to resort in the world of classical technology and on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the launch of this device, traders have the perfect excuse to define the price of this "treasure" , confident that no Will be missing a fan boy ready to get it, but will be behind the right bet?

A first-generation iPhone can cost up to $ 20,000

Discount Depot is the name of one of the companies that has made the publication through eBay, and has highlighted by asking for the most money among the 236 iPhone that appear in the results, with $ 20 thousand. In its description offers a first generation iPhone, fully sealed and sheltered in an additional box built in glass.
In the same order of prices, seller dawg1555 has requested $ 12,999 for a model he claims has little use, while another, identified as jdinman1 requests $ 10,500 for a device in its original box and with accessories, also has the purchase receipt With the date June 29, 2007.
IPhone first generation on offer
However, while it is common for collectors to pay any sum of money for collectibles, some experts in the world claim that the iPhone is not an object that can be asked too much today:
Thus, Alex Jason, known for selling an impressive collection of Apple that served to cover his university tuition, explained:
I do not know any iPhone fan collectors who collect them. Apple launched them too fast for people to keep up. Even prototypes seem very similar to real devices, so if interested, it would be a small group.
Already on previous anniversaries have been offered equipment at similar prices, but considering the first decade of this launch will win nostalgia for this next anniversary or collectors will prefer to wait? Leave it in the comments.

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