Wednesday, June 28, 2017

You can already consult the public transport of Madrid from the application of Maps of Apple

Since always Apple wants to give the utmost importance to its applications and services, getting the vast majority of the public to believe in them and use them. So much so that in recent months, we have seen how Apple tried to strengthen its application of maps among users of apple products.
We recently saw how Apple was adding information related to public transportation in different cities around the world , a measure that although it is nothing new, shows that this may be the first step of the people of Cupertino to enhance its application.
Maps application
Today the great news is that we already have a Spanish city which already has this new function of the application of the people of Cupertino. It could not be another city than the city of Madrid, which received this update by which users of Apple and its application Maps , have information about public transport in the city.
No doubt this is the first step for the service to reach many more cities in the world and of course in Spain , but we still have to ask ourselves the big question of whether or not it is worth using this application in a regular way.
Apple maps
Without a doubt, this time it is very difficult for Apple to compete with Google and its Google Maps application, as it is the most widely used and extended service within the map applications .
What we have more than clear is that Apple with its iOS 11 wants to give much more importance to your application, and get users to try it then to stay with it rather than other alternatives. So the people of Cupertino, already told us about how your Maps application would come augmented reality with the next update of operating system.
We are therefore waiting to see what is the evolution of this Apple application , and see how they welcome all these new users.
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